Meet Alison

I'm a mom, a second generation public school teacher, and a progressive running for Denton, Texas City Council District 4.

My mother was a special education teacher who believed in the inherent dignity of all people. She was active in her union and taught me that teachers - like all workers - deserve fair wages and decent working conditions, and that those things must be fought for. She taught me the values I carry with me to this day: fairness, justice, and perseverance; that anyone can experience hardship, and that we all have a responsibility to lift one another up.

My years in the public school classroom taught me to think on my toes, to adjust quickly to ever-changing policies and mandates, and to always put people first. I have always believed in the importance of public education and that a great teacher can change a student's life. I stand by that belief, but after a decade in public school classrooms, I have also learned that many of the obstacles students face can’t be solved from inside the classroom. Many of my students came to my classroom eager to learn, but food and housing insecurity simply took up too much of their attention. I realized that I could serve my students more effectively by advocating for policies that would relieve their families of the burdens of inequity and allow them to focus on learning, growing, and building community.

My husband, Sean, and I moved to District 4 seven years ago with our dogs. We have since welcomed our two children, Thomas and Eleanor, and are so grateful for this wonderful community in which to raise them.