Meet Alison

Alison is a second-generation public school teacher, a mom, and a progressive member of the Denton, Texas City Council.

As a teacher, Alison found herself struggling to meet the educational needs of students who were facing food and housing insecurity. After making the difficult decision to leave the classroom, she began focusing her energy on improving conditions for her students and their families.

Since winning election in May 2021, Alison has prioritized public transportation, street and sidewalk infrastructure, affordable housing, responsible development, environmental sustainability, public health, accountability, and transparency. She recognizes that the wellbeing of each Denton resident is bound up with the wellbeing of the community at-large, and she believes that every Denton resident deserves a voice in City Hall.

Alison, her husband Sean, and their two dogs became Dentonites eight years ago. They have since welcomed two children, Thomas and Eleanor, and are grateful for a vibrant, engaged, and caring community in which to raise them.