For Denton City Council, District 4

Denton values.

Responsive leadership.

Thank you for your support, District 4!

Smart Development

Denton’s rapid growth presents both challenges and opportunities. If we make smart, deliberate decisions about development, we have the opportunity to build a Denton that is beautiful, accessible, affordable, and sustainable. If elected, I pledge to help us make those smart decisions.

Affordable housing:

Stable communities are built by stable families. As housing prices increase and wages remain stagnant, more and more Denton families are being thrown into instability because they can't make rent. As your city council member, I will work to reign in our skyrocketing housing costs and ensure that there is ample supply of high-quality affordable housing for both renters and homeowners.

Environmental responsibility:

We have a responsibility to keep our world livable for our children and grandchildren, and that responsibility starts in our local community. I will prioritize renewable energy, green infrastructure, and making the city more bike, pedestrian, and public transportation friendly.

Expanded Infrastructure

To meet the needs of our growing community, it’s urgent that we invest in repairing and expanding our roadways, and we must do so in a way that will last for decades. This means that, while these construction projects are underway, we must take the opportunity to update all corresponding infrastructure systems, including building protected bike lanes and ADA compliant interconnected sidewalks, so that we don’t repeat the mistakes that have led to our current traffic and construction problems.

Community health:

COVID has revealed just how interconnected our health is with that of our neighbors. Our city needs strong public health guidelines and expanded infrastructure for delivering crucial public health care such as the COVID-19 vaccine.